Gold and Silver Rate


Gold and Silver Rate

Ashoj 09 Sunday
Hallmark Gold
per 1 tola Nrs 91800/-
Tejabi Gold
per 1 tola Nrs 91300/-
per 1 tola Nrs 1170/-
Hallmark Gold
per 10 gm Nrs 78705/-
Tejabi Gold
per 10 gm Nrs 78275/-
per 10 gm Nrs 1003/-

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  • Metal: Gold
  • Weight: 7 gm
  • Carat: 24

“Tayao” is a newari traditional jewellery .

One of Nepal’s largest Newar ethnic ornaments. This is a necklace worn by Newar girls, brides and women as well as gods like Lokeshwar, Yogani, Deepankar and Kumari at a special occasion. Tayo has a high symbolic meaning and religious values. The point pendant section of the necklace is believed to be the symbol of the Kathmandu valley, the side of the pendant for the direction of the valley and the central gemstone under the hood of the snakehead.
Tayo is one of the largest Newar ethnic Jewelry piece in Nepal. It is a necklace worn by Newar girls, brides, and women as well as deities like Lokeswors, Yognis, Dipankers and Kumaris on the special ceremony. Tayo has high symbolic meanings and religious values. It is worn as it is believed that the pointed pendent part of the necklace symbolizes the Kathmandu Valley, while the facets of the pendent for the directions of the Valley, and a center jewel under the hood of the snake-heads is for the Swayambhu Stupa of the Kathmandu valley.


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